Supplier Policy

UZBaleike aims to encourage the participation of suppliers with a view to strengthening the relationship with quality suppliers that guarantee the supply and provision of services, in terms of time, quality and cost. And, hence, contribute to achieving the objectives of UZBaleike.

To this end, UZBaleike establishes the following guidelines:

Approval of suppliers

The criteria used for the initial selection of suppliers is as follows:

A – Historical supplier of the organization.

B – Supplier at the Customer’s request

C – Control of the first 3 deliveries

D- Certified Supplier.

F- Supplier of special projects

Except in cases A, B and D, the Quality Manager must carry out an initial evaluation of the Supplier, which will consist of conducting an evaluation of the Supplier’s first deliveries to guarantee the quality of them.

re-evaluation of suppliers

An annual review of the quality of supply of our suppliers will be carried out applying the following criteria:

This calculation is made every six months for all suppliers.

The criteria for the classification of the supplier are as follows:


UNACCEPTABLE LEVEL <=<65% (a supplier with a quality index lower than 65% will automatically be deemed unsuitable. In the event of wanting to maintain the status of approved supplier, immediate corrective actions will be required).

NOTE: The analysis of this data for each of the sections of the company may take into account other factors (such as the criticality of the NCR-es generated).

Delivery conditions

All orders must be sent with their corresponding delivery note, clearly legible and visible for receipt.

All orders must be sent clearly identified with the O.F. and the order number.

The identification of the goods must be visible and with identification for each package or order.

If an order consists of different items, each different item must be identified with its item code.

Orders must arrive separately for correct identification. Avoid mixing different orders on the same pallet. If this is not possible, the different orders must be clearly separated and identified.

Certificates for materials of orders placed must be made available upon UZBaleike’s request.