Corporate Social Responsibility

At the UZBaleike group, we are driven by the commitment to provide value and contribute positively both to society and the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility forms part of our core, it is integrated into our business strategy and we are promoting an increasing number of actions with this purpose in mind.

Quality is our top priority, you are our goal.

We have a responsibility and an obligation to satisfy our customers. We focus all of our know-how and hard work on doing things in the best possible way and always offering all of the guarantees that they are done well.

We comply with all current regulations and legislation and hold the most rigorous approvals and certifications within our sector.

Our main goal is to create and provide innovative, efficient, reliable and effective solutions that ensure our projects provide the confidence that our stakeholders and society as a whole deserve.

Our commitment to customers is a commitment to society.

We work for and on behalf of our partners and customers. Fulfilling your expectations and offering quality solutions that solve your problems and facilitate your processes.

Innovation and proactivity define our work and highlight our technological solutions, always ahead of the curve. This enables us to stay a step ahead in the search for new and better ways of doing things.

Our solutions are the solutions of the future.

We are concerned about and look after the environment.

Here at the UZBaleike Group we are aware of the service we provide, we know our duty to society and the environment and we integrate the values that drive our strategic decision-making in our work.

This is why we always provide efficient solutions and achieve greater energy savings, generating a lower expenditure of resources to produce the result.

Providing a high quality response generates fewer corrections and faults that could require an increased consumption of raw materials and energy. In this way, our technology enables us to fulfil the expectations of our customers, while taking care of the environment at the same time.

Transparency and ethics define who we are and what we do.

We are a company characterized by its strong values, which guide our strategic and development decisions. We believe that transparency, ethics, respect and dialogue are key elements in being able to achieve goals efficiently, safely and honestly, and that it benefits the company as well as the partners and customers.

We know that our workers and customers are a key component in the development of the UZBaleike Group and, therefore, we aim to maintain direct, transparent and loyal relationships that help our company’s sustainability.

It is also thanks to all of the above-mentioned values that we apply stringent processing and protection of the data belonging to all parties involved in our projects.

Our policy of action in the work environment.

At the UZBaleike Group we understand the importance of respecting and looking after our workers. Therefore, we rigorously comply with the legislation regarding recruitment, safety, health and physical and emotional well-being in the workplace. We want our workers’ needs in the work environment to be met so they can achieve professional and personal development, and so they embrace the company’s values.

All of this translates into efficiency, dedication and good outcomes, achieving the satisfaction of our customers and partners, our workers and the company.

In addition, we also advocate for fairness and tolerance among all members of our company, regardless of gender or background.


Our motto, quality

At UZBaleike we offer a comprehensive and bespoke service; hence we comply with the latest quality regulations and hold the most demanding approvals and certifications on the market.


Personally, as far as I'm concerned, UZBaleike is more than just a supplier

They have a high level of integration with Irizar, collaborating in developing our products, processes, know-how,…

But, as well as being excellent professionals, they have a great human quality. A friendly service, empathy, flexibility, adaptation,… I always find it a real pleasure to work with them.


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We work with large companies and engineering firms

We work in all types of sectors: rail, automotive, maritime, aeronautical, public works and foundries​, for brands on a national and international scale. We develop the solution that best suits the needs of the customer, in line with the latest requirements and regulations.

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